What the Act says

The Act respecting labour standards contains certain provisions concerning the payment of wages and the issue of the pay sheet. These provisions protect the majority of Québec workers, whether they are full time or part time.

Payment of wages

An employer has one month to give an employee their first pay. Thereafter, the pay must be issued at regular intervals that may not exceed 16 days, or one month in the case of senior managerial personnel or contract employees. If pay day falls on a statutory holiday, the employee must be paid on the working day preceding this holiday. 

The wages may be paid:

  • by cheque cashable within 2 working days
  • in cash in a sealed envelope addressed to the employee 
  • by bank transfer

Sums in excess of the usual wages, such as premiums/bonuses and the overtime earned during the week preceding the payment of the wages, may be paid at the time of the following pay.

Pay sheet

With each pay, the employer must remit to the employee a pay sheet allowing him to calculate his wages and deductions. This pay sheet must contain all the relevant particulars, such as:

  • the employer’s name
  • the employee’s name
  • the job title
  • the period of work corresponding to the payment
  • the date of the payment
  • the number of hours paid at the regular rate
  • the number of overtime hours paid or replaced with a leave, with the applicable rate
  • the nature and the amount of the premiums, bonuses, indemnities, allowances or commissions paid
  • the wage rate
  • the amount of the gross wages
  • the nature and the amount of the deductions made
  • the amount of the net wages that the employee receives
  • the amount of the tips that the employee reported or that the employer attributed to him.


The employer has the right to make deductions from wages only if they are required to do so by a law, a regulation, a court order, a collective agreement, a decree or a mandatory supplemental pension plan. Any other deduction from wages may only be made with the employee’s written authorization. The specific purpose of this deduction must be mentioned in the authorization document. The employee may cancel the authorization at any time, except for mandatory supplemental pension plans or group insurance plans. 

Consult our interactive pay sheet.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is the employer required to give the employee a pay sheet with each pay?
    Yes. The employer must remit to the employee, at the same time as his wages, a pay sheet containing sufficient information allowing him to calculate his wages and the deductions.

  2. Can an employer require that the employee pay the fees associated with a credit card?

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