• Generally, a normal workweek lasts 40 hours
  • Overtime is paid at time and a half
  • The hours can be added to a time bank only if you request it. In each case, for each additional hour worked, the employer must add 1 and ½ hours to the bank.
  • The Act respecting labour standards does not provide for situations where an employee is paid at double time.
  • Under certain conditions, you may refuse to work overtime.

In case of disagreement

Check your rights

Make sure that you know your rights well by consulting the section What the Act says.

Meet with your employer

Clarify the situation and, wherever possible, resolve the problem.

This approach often allows you and your employer to settle the problem and to avoid having to file a complaint with the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail. It is in your interest and that of your employer.

If you prefer to write to your employer, this model letter (Word, 24.5 Ko) can help you inform him of your concerns.

File a complaint

If necessary, get in touch with the Service des renseignements for more information.

If the steps taken have not produced the desired results, file your complaint as soon as possible to avoid losing your rights.