Online complaints

Labour-standard online complaints


Please note that given the current situation, the time limits for filing a complaint have been suspended for an indefinite period.

Instructions for filing a complaint:

  • Enter the day’s date as the date of your dispute
  • Enter the actual date of your dispute on the “Version of events” page
  • If you are unable to complete your request online, please call us 1 844 838-0808, Option 4.

You may file an online complaint with the CNESST regarding the implementation of labour standards if you believe that:

  • your employer has not paid all amounts owing you. You have one year as from the date on which your employer should have paid to file a complaint.

  • you have been unjustly dismissed after working for the same employer for at least two years. You have 45 days after being dismissed to file a complaint.

  • your employer has penalized you, for example, via a dismissal, suspension, move, or discriminatory measures or reprisals, and this penalty is prohibited by law. You have 45 days after the penalty was imposed to file a complaint.

  • you have been subjected to psychological or sexual harassment. You have two years as from the latest instance of such behaviour to file a complaint.

  • your employer has changed your status for self-employed entrepreneur or self-employed worker without changing the operating mode of the business requires it.

In case of disagreement

Check your rights

Please sure you fully understand your rights by consulting the law and information on labour standards.


Meet with your employer

 Clarify the situation and, as much as possible, resolve the problem.

This step often allows the problem to be resolved and avoids you having to file a complaint with the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail. This is in your interest as well as that of your employer.


Get informed

If needed, contact the Service des renseignements for more information.

If the steps you take do not resolve the situation, file your complaint as soon as possible so you will not lose your rights.



If you are filing a complaint for the following reason, call us at 1-844-838-0808:

Differences in treatment

Information: You now have additional recourse if you feel you have been treated differently with respect to pension plans or other fringe benefits based solely on your hiring date.