December 22, 2010

The minimum wage will increase by $0.15 an hour on May 1, 2011

Lise Thériault, Minister of Labour, today announced that the minimum wage rate in Québec will increase from $9.50 to $9.65 an hour effective May 1, 2011. In addition, the minimum wage rate payable to employees receiving tips will go up by $0.10 an hour to be set at $8.35. As for the rate payable to employees of certain sectors of the clothing industry, it will rise from $9.50 to $9.65 an hour. This increase will affect more than 292,300 workers, mainly women.

Farm workers

Workers who are not assigned exclusively to the picking of strawberries and raspberries during a pay period will henceforth have to be remunerated at the general minimum wage rate. As for pickers, the yield-based rate will increase to $0.75 per kilogram of strawberries and to $2.84 per kilogram of raspberries. In 2014, all farm workers will be entitled to the minimum wage rate. The maximum amounts that an employee may be charged for room with meals have been revised upwards to take into account the increase in the cost of living and the quality of accommodations offered.

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