Stop working for free

So you have landed your first job. Congratulations! Did you know that you have rights as a worker? That you have the right to receive the minimum wage for each hour worked? That your employer must give you a pay sheet with your pay? That if you work overtime, you must be paid for it? That as soon as you begin to work, you start accumulating vacation time?

Who is entitled to the minimum wage?

Not all young employees are entitled to the minimum wage. The following jobs are not subject to the minimum wage standard:

  • If you are a student and you work for a social or community non-profit organization, such as a recreational organization or a vacation camp
  • If you are a trainee within a vocational training program recognized by law
  • If you work and are paid entirely on commission for an activity of a commercial nature outside the establishment and your working hours cannot be controlled (if you are a sales rep on the road, for example)
  • If your work consists mainly of non-mechanized operations related to the picking of cucumbers.

Note : If your work consists of manually picking strawberries or raspberries, you will be paid on a yield basis according to the rates stipulated by law. However, if the condition of the fields reduces your yield for reasons beyond your control, you could be entitled to the minimum wage. If you would like to obtain more information, consult the section on strawberry and raspberry pickers.

Are you an employer?
Are you your own boss?

If you offer your neighbours your services to cut their grass or to shovel snow on their property, you are not entitled to the minimum wage. However, if you work for an enterprise that offers grass cutting or snow shoveling services, or if your neighbour simply asks you to do this work, you are an employee. You are then entitled to the minimum wage and all of the other benefits stipulated by law.

Are you under 14 and do you want to work?

You have rights! Consult the section on work performed by children to find out these rights.

Jot down the hours that you work

[It is important that you make a note of the hours that you work each and every day. If you don’t, you risk forgetting them and not being paid for all of the hours actually worked.

The apps maPayeCe lien ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre interactive agenda allows you to record your hours of work and to see at a glance the total hours that you worked for one, two or three employers.

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Check your pay sheet

Each time you receive your pay, you must also receive your pay sheet. The information that it contains will allow you to check that you received all of the money that is owing to you. Consult this reminder sheet to validate that your pay sheet contains all of the necessary details to keep track of your work-related information!

Learn about your rights

Do you have questions about overtime, the trial period or training? About your wages, your uniform? Are you interested in how tips are shared? Do you know what days are statutory holidays? Do you have questions about the hours worked, the minimum wage, breaks for meals, and recourses?

Discover the information kit fot the young to familiarize yourself with the rights to which you are entitled when you work.