Step 3. Mediation

When it is established that the Commission can intervene, the file is entrusted to a mediator. The mediator contacts the employee and the employer in order to offer them his services and help them find a solution to the situation together. Mediation is free and voluntary. It may thus be accepted or refused by the parties. The employer and the employee may be accompanied by a person of their choice during the mediation meeting.

The mediator:

  • Contacts the employee and the employer in order to suggest they take part in a mediation meeting
  • Invites the parties to a meeting in a neutral location
  • Gives the employee and the employer an opportunity to express their respective points of view
  • Assists the employee and the employer in their search for satisfactory solutions
  • Helps them to write an agreement that is satisfactory to the employee and the employer.

If the employer and the employee agree on a solution

  • The Commission puts an end to its intervention.

If mediation is refused or no agreement is possible

  • The complaint is entrusted to a psychological harassment investigator of the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail.

The employee and the employer may call on the mediation service during every stage of the complaint process.