Adoption and birth


Both parents may be absent from work for 5 days at the time of the birth or adoption of a child. The employee must take the leave in the 15 days following the child’s arrival at the parental home.

Be advised

The first 2 days of leave are paid no matter the length of the employee's uninterrupted service.

In case of disagreement

Discuss with your employee

Clarify the situation and, wherever possible, try to resolve the problem.

Absences and leaves for birth or adoption are protected by the Act respecting labour standards. The Act prohibits an employer from dismissing, suspending or transferring an employee, practising discrimination or taking reprisals against him, or imposing any other sanction upon him on the ground that such employee has exercised one of his rights under the Act respecting labour standards or a regulation.

Get informed

Get in touch with the Centre de relations avec la clientèle by telephone or email, if necessary.

By acting promptly, you will limit the risks of a complaint. It is in your interest and that of your employee.

If a complaint is filed, a mediator from the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail will contact you to offer his or her services. Failing an agreement in mediation, the complaint will be heard by the Tribunal administratif du travail.