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Part I - Act respecting labour standards

CHAPTER IV - Labour standards


Section 92.1


After consulting with the most representative employees' and employers' associations in the clothing industry, the Government may, by regulation, in respect of all employers and employees in the clothing industry that would be covered by a decree referred to in the third paragraph of section 39.0.2 had the decree not expired, fix labour standards respecting the following matters:

  1. the minimum wage, which may be established on a time basis, a production basis or any other basis;
  2. the standard workweek;
  3. paid statutory general holidays and the indemnity relating to such holidays, which may be established on a production basis or any other basis;
  4. the duration of an employee's annual leave, established according to the employee's uninterrupted service with the same employer, and the division of an indemnity relating to the leave;
  5. the duration of the meal period, with or without pay;
  6. the number of days during which an employee may be absent, with or without pay, for family events referred to in section 80 and 80.1.


The regulation may also include any provision similar to the provisions appearing in Divisions I to V.I of Chapter IV in respect of any matter covered by the regulation.

Applicable provisions

For the purposes of this Act, sections 63 to 66, 71.1, 73, 75 to 77 and 80.2 shall be read with reference to the provisions prescribed pursuant to the first and second paragraphs, with the necessary modifications.

1999, c. 57, s. 3; 2001, c. 47, s. 1.


Section 92.1 ALS allows the government to set by regulation, in certain sectors of the clothing industry, the labour standards that apply to employers and employees of these sectors and which deal with various labour standards.

See the Regulation respecting labour standards specific to certain sectors of the clothing industry.


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