Psychological or sexual harassment


  1. Your employer must provide you with a workplace that is free from psychological harassment and you must inform him as soon as you believe that you are experiencing such harassment
  2. To be considered psychological harassment, the behaviours, verbal comments or gestures toward you must  be vexatious, be repetitive in nature, be hostile or unwanted, adversely affect your dignity or your integrity, make your workplace harmful
  3. The normal exercise by the employer or his managers of their management activities does not constitute harassment
  4. A conflict situation may degenerate into psychological harassment
  5. You will have to talk about verifiable facts. To help you, make notes on the basis of the psychological harassment identification criteria
  6. Wherever possible, talk about your problem to a friend or a relative, a person you trust. Do not remain isolated
  7. If possible, clearly tell the person who is the source of the unwanted behaviour that you want him to stop
  8. If these measures do not produce the desired results, you have 2 years after the last incidence to exercise a recourse

In case of disagreement

Check your rights

Make sure that you know your rights by checking the section What the Act says.

Bring the situation to your employer’s attention. He is required to take the appropriate measures to put a stop to all psychological harassment behaviour in his enterprise.

Plan a meeting with your employer to clarify the situation and, wherever possible, to resolve the problem.

This approach often makes it possible to settle the problem and to avoid having to file a complaint with the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail. It is in your interest and that of your employer.

If you prefer to write to your employer, this model letter can help you inform him of your concerns.


Get informed

Obtain more information and, if necessary, file a complaint.

If necessary, get in touch with the Service des renseignements for more information.

If the steps taken have not produced the desired results, you can file a complaint in the 2 years following the last incidence of psychological harassment to avoid losing your rights.